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Legal Rights Education


At Legalswipe, we are committed to educating the public through the use of technology as a medium. Our mobile application informs people of their legal rights through easily accessible and easily understandable information. Our team works closely with the community to inform our development. In addition, we fulfill our mandate of educating the public through the work of our not-for-profit organization, The Legalswipe Foundation, providing legal rights workshops and community collaborations.



Frequently Asked Questions

You Should Know

There are a few questions we got tired of answering.

Knowledge is power. We strongly believe that the public deserves to know their rights and should have information that is accessible to them.
Only a lawyer can provide you with legal advice. We are simply a medium for providing information in regards to your legal rights in a way that is quick and accessible.
Our technology is privately funded through advertisement revenue and organizations such as Dreammaker Ventures and the Ontario Presenter for Excellence. Our workshops and public benefit work is supported by donors and organizations such as the Ontario Trillium Foundation.
This application is educational and is supposed to be used as a preventative tool. We've made the application accessible so that the information contained within can be quickly referenced at any point in time. However, this application is educational and is supposed to be used as a preventative tool.
We will continue to expand our knowledge base and collaborate with more partners to achieve our mandate. Additionally we will continue to improve the technology in response to the needs of our userbase.
Let's Work Together


We provide FREE legal rights workshops on a variety of topics ranging from your rights following an arrest to your rights following an eviction. Our workshops are provided in various venues including schools and community centres.


We're always seeking new organizations to work with. At Legalswipe, our main strength is the community that supports us. Apply now and collaborate with our organization to assist us in revolutionizing the delivery of public legal education.


Our innovative platform provides a unique opportunity to have your business promoted directly to users seeking assistance in your area of specialization, letting you reach a captive audience while also supporting legal rights education.


We are constantly seeking youth, students, and community members to assist us with our workshops, developing content, and expanding partnerships. Join our team and assist in educating the public on their legal rights.